Joël Floor, a Dutch guitarist

Joël Floor is an energetic professional guitarist and guitar teacher. When Joël was at the age of 9 he started playing the guitar and ever since he’s practically unstoppable.

Now years later Joël is a frequently asked guitarist.



Joël Plays much last minute gigs. If you need a last minute guitarist you can always contact him.


Gitaarles / Bandcoaching

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Opwekking / Red Carpet Band / Draw The Parade /


About Joël

Joël is an energetic personality. When he started to play guitar at the age of 9 the future was set. It was ment to be that he’s going to be the professional that he is now. 

After finishing his Conservatory Joël’s now a frequently asked guitarist and beloved teacher. The influences of music you hear in Joël’s playing are:  Funk, Pop, Worship and a bit of Jazz. These genres are his specialty and styles where he’s most comfortable at. 

Joël started when he was young. Now he’s a frequently asked guitarist. ”When he’s on stage he’s unstoppable and on fire!”
Joël is an energetic professional guitarist and a beloved teacher.


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Joel is a guitarist who’s priority lies in excellence. Check out his music here.


Joël Floor

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